What is the Role of The Public Service Commission?

Nebraska outlines the constitutional powers of the Public Service Commission (PSC) to include rate and service regulation and general authority provided by law over all common carriers engaging in the transportation of household goods or passengers for hire. The PSC also regulates those providing communication services for hire in Nebraska intrastate commerce.

Tim Schram’s Policy for Representing Nebraskans

Assure Nebraskans receive safe public services
Assure Nebraskans receive high quality and reliable public services
Assure Nebraskans receive these high quality, reliable services at fair and affordable rates
Keep Nebraska at forefront of technological advances to provide better, more efficient services
Continue the development of broadband service across the state improving education and fostering business development
Create a competitive environment for business growth and development to better serve Nebraskans

What has Tim Schram Done as an Elected Official?

On the Public Service Commission…

Supported improved 911 system state wide to provide better more reliable service

Supported implementation of Phase 2 Emergency Wireless Call Location in all 93 counties

Held the line on private natural gas providers who sought much higher rate increases

Supported improved Tele-Health and Distance Learning capabilities providing better coverage and service state wide

As Sarpy County Commissioner…

Reduced county tax rate by 30%

Helped recruit large businesses that have created good paying jobs in Sarpy County

Improved Sarpy County roads and transportation systems

Extended county outfall sewer to allow for business development and growth

Implemented policies that created tremendous economic growth for Sarpy County in late 1990’s and early 2000’s

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